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Energy Saving Side Track System

Close the Gap video  

ComforTrack Plus in window closes gaps

track uses magnets for easy installation

innovative endcaps

Zip it Up
ComforTrackâ„¢ Plus closes the gap, locking out the cold and sealing in the heat. For ultimate energy savings combine ComforTrack Plus with Blackout Shades for a 66% energy loss reduction (when compared to uncovered singel pane window).

Easy to install
The ComforTrack Plus System is easy to install, and features removable sidetracks that are attached to the window frame with magnets. The durable, UV stable sidetracks are available in white or oak to match your existing trim

Innovative end caps
The specially designed bottom rail end caps fit over the sidetracks and allow for smooth movement when raising and lowering the shade.

Seals 3 Ways

1. Energy Track on Sides

2. Flex Seal on Sides

3. Foam Seal on Top

side track in oak for natural wood trim

spring seal on sides

foam seal on top

 Even more energy efficient than our shades alone. The system consists of side tracks which attach to your window frame with magnets and specially fitted end caps which along with the specially notched sides of the shades minimize energy loss - heating or cooling! Tracks can be removed to make use of tilt-in windows for cleaning.

Now Available with all operating hardware. Inside Mount only.
Side tracks come in 2 colors White or Brown

Easy to operate
An Energy Smart Shade is placed between two tracks made of durable, high-tech plastic that blend with your window casement.  With the help of special bottom rail end caps, the shade moves smoothly along the sidetracks when being raised or lowered.

A great fit for most windows
ComforTrack (Energy Saving Side tracks) is available for inside mount, standard rectangular windows only. To ensure a proper fit, measure the width of your window in 3 places - top, middle and bottom. Use the smallest measurement when ordering. If there is more than 3/8" difference between the widest width of the window and the narrowest width of the window you should not order Energy Saving Side Tracks because your shade will not operate properly. The minimum inside mount depth is 1-1/2 inches. The flush inside mount depth is 1-7/8 inches.

Your choice of hardware options
ComforTrack is available with the Standard Hardware system as well as with the top-down/bottom-up Duofold option, Cordless and the Valet (OmniRise) hardware.

Great at keeping out light too
ComforTrack becomes a light-tight privacy enhancing system when fabricated with Matinee Room Darkening Cellular Shade. This combination blocks about 95% of all incoming light, including damaging UV radiation. Great for nurseries and media rooms.


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