EcoSmart Insulating Shades™


 Black Out Double Cell - High Insulating Values!

almond blackout

buttermilk bo

cinnamon blackout

Almond 3206

Buttermilk 3208

Cinnamon 3467

coffee bean black out


gardenia black out

Coffee Bean 3469

Cypress 3465

Gardenia 3200

golden rod black out

latte black out

marina black out

Golden Rod 3468

Latte 3224

Marina 3257

muslin blackout

night sky black out

raffia black out

Muslin 3202

Night Sky 3499

Raffia 3214

sea mist black out

snowcap black out


Sea Mist 3459

Snow Cap 3201

Wheat 3462

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Insulating Shades™


Quality Vermont Craftsmanship

Designed to improve your comfort and reduce your energy costs